Tulafono e lima taitaiina ai galuega ma tiute a le Matagaluega o Pisinisi Alamanuia ma Leipa”

The Ministry’s mandates contained in the 31 legislation provide its key responsibilities in support of the Government's national development agenda as highlighted in the SDS 2012-2016. Recent reviews have taken place (over the last 2-3 years) to update and reform the various Ministry Legislation to comply with the global business demands including the accession of Samoa to the WTO. These reviews will be ongoing for the corporate planning (2012-2016) period to bring up to date the various legislation governing Samoa’s business environment. The Ministry is mandated to administer regulatory frameworks that:


  1. Promote Industry development, foreign investment and guarantees the rights of citizens to participate in the economy of Samoa,
  2. Set standards to regulate fair competitive practices to promote a fair level playing field in all trade,
  3. Administers the Apprenticeship Scheme, Employment Services, conducting of labour market surveys, collection and dissemination of Labour Market information,
  4. Promote and enforce labour and employment relations, foreign worker employment and occupational safety and health,
  5. Manage the registries of companies and other legal entities and enforces statutory obligations. Management of IP registers and protection of rights of IP holders.


The following are the 31 Legislation, which can be found and available on the Parliament of Samoa website:


  1. Apprenticeship Act 2014
  2. Apprenticeship Regulations  2014
  3. Charitable Trusts Act 1965
  4. Citizenship  Investment Act 2015
  5. Citizenship Investment Regulations 2016
  6. Companies Act 2001
  7. Companies Regulations 2008
  8. Competition and Consumer Act 2016
  9. Cooperatives Societies Ordinance 1952
  10. Cooperatives Societies Regulations 1954
  11. Copyright Act 1998
  12. Credit Union Act 2015
  13. Daylight Saving Act 2009
  14. Foreign Investment Act 2000
  15. Foreign Investment Regulations  2011
  16. Incorporated Societies Ordinance 1952
  17. Incorporated Societies Regulations 1973
  18. Intellectual Property Act 2011
  19. Intellectual Property Regulations 2015
  20. International Date Line Act 2011
  21. Labour and Employment Relations Act 2013
  22. Labour and Employment Relations Regulations 2015
  23. Metrology Act 2015
  24. Occupational Safety and Health Act 2002
  25. Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 2014
  26. Personal Property and Securities Act 2013
  27. Public Holidays Act 2008
  28. Receiverships Act 2006
  29. Securities Act 2006
  30. Trade Commerce and Industry Act 1990
  31. Transitional Provisions Act 2006