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The Jobseeker Service, administered by MCIL, allows jobseekers to register their personal details, qualifications and experience in the Labour Market Information System. Employers can then search for suitable jobseekers to fill any vacant positions they may have. MCIL has entered into a partnership with the Samoa National Youth Council (SNYC) in an effort to increase levels of youth employment through a mutual information exchange about jobseekers. While MCIL administers the Labour Market Information System which aims to increase employment options for all Samoans, the SNYC administers a youth employment service through their E-Youth. Hub

. If you are a jobseeker aged between 15 to 29 years, the registration details you enter will be provided to SNYC. If you do not want your information to be provided to SNYC, there is a box you can check on the registration form.

Please note that all information entered into the Labour Market Information System is covered by the MCIL Privacy Statement Here.


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