Welcome to the RCIP.  The Division administers the registration of companies, incorporated societies, cooperatives, credit unions, charitable trusts, as well as the facilitation of the electronic registry for personal properties, instruments and charges as security for loans. We are also the focal point for the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and as such we process applications and co-ordinate consultations on trade marks, patents, designs, copyright and other intellectual property issues.

RCIP has 3 main functions: Advisory, Regulatory and Administrative.  


  • Provides advice to the Minister on matters pertaining to the requirements for the registration of companies, incorporated societies, credit unions, cooperatives, charitable trusts, personal properties securities and intellectual properties.
  • Facilitating private sector development through awareness programs so our customers can make informed decisions on the business structures that best suit their business and to ensure that they fully utilise the economic potential of their intellectual properties.


  • Enforcing the requirements of the Acts of Parliament and their associated Regulations that form our legal mandate:
    • Companies Act 2001
    • Companies Regulations 2008
    • Charitable Trusts Act 1965
    • Cooperative Societies Ordinance 1952
    • Cooperative Societies Regulations 1954
    • Copyright Act 1998
    • Credit Union Ordinance 1960
    • Credit Unions Standard By-Laws 1969
    • Incorporated Societies Ordinance 1952
    • Incorporated Societies Regulations 1953
    • Intellectual Property Act 2011
    • Personal Properties Securities Act 2013
    • Receiverships Act 2006
    • Securities Act 2006
    • Transitional Provisions Act 2006

               To view the relevant legislation, please refer to  the Samoan Parliament's website

  • Monitors compliance by companies and other registered entities of their statutory obligations.
  • Investigates complaints concerning violations of intellectual property laws.
  • Provide advice to international organisations on Intellectual Property matters.
  • Provide data on companies and other legal entities to various users, including theWorld Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).


  • Focal Point for the  World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • Maintains and updates registries as required under legislation administered by the Division.
  • Undertake reviews of legislation administered by the Division in collaboration with MCIL’s Legal Unit and the Attorney General's Office.

COMPANIES & OTHER ENTITIES / Kamupani ma isi faalapotopotoga 
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