The Division provides policy and other advice on investment promotions and industry development. It facilitates the development of the industrial sector through active promotion of both local and foreign investment in the country. It maintains the Foreign Investors registry and follows up on status of those investments. The Division coordinates information on the state of industry and economic development and works closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on trade related issues.
We also strive to enhance the development of a sound enabling investment environment through the provision of adequate, accurate and timely information for investor decision through effective administration of existing programs of assistance. These are aimed at sustaining the private sector development.

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Other Functions of the Division 


Provides policy and other advice to the Minister and through the Minister to Cabinet, on issues pertaining to investment promotion and industry development 
Provides advice on the various schemes administered in the Ministry such as the Export Development Scheme (EDS) previously known as Export Guarantee Scheme (GEGS), Duty Concession Scheme (DCS) and others 
Consult with Government agencies on all the above areas 
Provides advice to overseas bodies and agencies including regional and international organizations on all of the afore-mentioned areas 


Monitors compliance with requirements of EDS, Duty Concession Scheme (DCS), and other schemes administered in the Ministry 
Monitors compliance with the requirements of the Foreign Investment Act 2000 
Serves as Secretariat for the TCI Development Board and Foreign Investment Advisory Committee 
Maintain registry of Foreign Investors and follows up on status of their investment 
Coordinates information on the state of industry and economic development 
Consult closely with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on trade related issues affecting the other functions of the Ministry 
Disseminates information to stakeholders on general functions of the Division and on various schemes administered in the Division 
Assess and attends to training needs of staff

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