The aim of this section is to advise and inform local traders and shopkeepers of their duties and responsibilities to ensure the correct weights and measurement of their goods.

As a consumer you must be aware of your protection from any of the following:
Short weight, length, area, distance and volume of a product
Measurement of a product is not accurate
Trader refuse to display you the scale that weighs your product
No labellings written on the product
You are entitled to see the measurement of any goods weighed or measured at the time of purchase.
All commercial engagements are to use the metric units such as:

Unit Imperial Metric
Time Seconds, minute. hour Seconds, minute, hour
Length/Distance Inches, foot, yard, mile Millimetre, centimeter, meter, kilometer
Volume/Area Square inch, square yard, acre, square mile, cubic inch, cubic foot Square centimetre, square meter, hectare, square kilometre, cubic centimetre, cubic meter
Mass Grain, dram, stones, ounces, pounds Milligram, centigram, decigram, gram, kilogram
Capacity/Volume Fluid ounce, pint, quart, gallon Millilitre, centilitre, decilitre, litre


Cabinet approved DST; it is a process of adjusting clocks in advance by one hour which occurred the first time in Samoa at the end of September 2010 and reverse to standard time six months later.



Our division is the focal point for TBT in Samoa, it aims to ensure that technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures are non-discriminatory and do not create unnecessary obstacles to trade.
TBT measures usually deal with:
Labeling of food, drink and drugs
Packaging requirements of food
Safety regulation for toys
Grading and quality requirements for food