Employment Service :
  • The AELM Division keeps a record of job seekers who have registered with the Ministry
  • The Ministry then carries out the screening and mapping exercise, to ensure the jobseekers that are referred to employers who have vacancies or employment opportunities have met the required criteria. The referral process only takes place when employers contact the Ministry with information on vacancies in their respective companies.
  • Placement of jobseekers from the registry occurs when employers accept the referred jobseeker after interviews and this process of placement is totally up to the discretion of the employer.

The Ministry offers assistance in compiling curriculum vitae (CV's) and the writing of job applications for jobseekers who seek such assistance.

Jobseekers Training:

The Apprenticeship, Employment and Labour Market Division under its annual budgetary activities conducts job search skills training for those on the jobseekers register and those who wish to further their knowledge on basic job search skills in finding employment.

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Industry Awareness Programs:

  • This aims to assist senior students with their final year’s school and to be aware and prepare for jobs available in industries and sectors of our country.
  • Allows Year12 & 13 students to increase their knowledge and to experience the various services being provided by different industries or workplaces. This will enable them to choose the right path or appropriate fields of study for future career.
  • Unemployed youths in the informal sector are also invited to this activity to enhance their knowledge on basic job searching skills. This also allows them to access on job information on where to get suitable jobs for themselves

Career Days:

The Ministry has collaboratively work together with the National University of Samoa every year for the preparation and coordination of career days where Apprenticeship, Employment and Labour Market (AELM) division as part of MCIL provide support information on basic skills on employment search.


Samoa National Employment Policy:


One of the ministry’s great initiatives under AELM Division is the formulation and development of the 1st ever National Employment Policy (NEP) with guidelines, to increase employment opportunities and for all the sectors to consider employment as first priority.  It will also assist the ministry to address any emerging issue that might arise in the labour market from time to time. MCIL under its many new initiatives has in place a draft for Samoa National Employment Policy to be taken into SNTF meeting for consideration and the launching of this policy is scheduled to take place on January 2016.


Samoa National Employment Policy